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The library and meet…

Finding a sling or carrier that is right for your family can often be a confusing and sometimes expensive business, especially if you’ve never used one before. West Pennine Slings (formerly Blackburn with Darwen Sling Library) is here to help you go through all the options to find what works best for you and your child, whether you are new to babywearing or are an experienced babywearer you can use the library to try different types or makes of carriers.

There are a variety of different baby carriers in the library available to try and loan and we are always adding more! There is a meet every Friday in Darwen at the New Methodist Church as well as monthly meets in Blackburn, Burnley, Bolton, and Clitheroe (Please see the meet section for more information and the library section for what’s available). We’re more than happy to answer questions, let you try out slings during groups or help you with a sling you’ve bought.

Wondering why carrying your baby is a good idea? Is it safe to do? Or maybe you’d like find out where you can buy or a new carry to try? Head over to the information and links section to find out more.

Katrina is a certified Trageschule babywearing consultant and has also completed the School of Babywearing consultancy course so is able to offer sound advice on babywearing and can also offer private one to one teaching sessions as well as workshops through Hold Close, she is also a member of BABI (British Association of Babywearing Consultants) and insured. Please see details in the consultancy section, you can also see a copy of her certificates there. If you would like more information or want to book a consultation please get in touch through the contact page.
Have you used a library service and want to leave you thoughts? Do you want to know what others have thought? Then go over to the feedback page 🙂

A bit about us…

Matilda_NM_Gira_01_SqKatrina (Babywearing Consultant) – I’m mama to Matilda and Corben. Matilda is the reason for the library and meet existing, from the day she was born she let us know that there was absolutely no way she was going to be put down for a second. Ever. She just liked her cuddles too much! So I started researching slings, got a stretchy wrap and we’ve never looked back. Now we have Corben slings have become even more valuable as he is just as cuddly as his sister. Matilda and Corben’s dad loves to carry them too but isn’t too keen on my expensive sling habit, he can’t understand why one isn’t enough…


8579_10152127563790138_532024392_nKate (Babywearing Peer Supporter) – I’m mum of George who is 2 and with another due in May. We loved the idea of carrying before we even had George and got a stretchy wrap, to begin with, which turned out to be a lifesaver. George had terrible colic and problems with feeding and the only time he was ever settled as a baby was when he was being worn. It made our lives so much easier and we loved the connection it gave us to George and how much happier he was. In 2013 I went on the School of Babywearing Peer Support course in order to help other mums explore the benefits of babywearing and share with them the world has been opened up to us with. In 2015 I became a Babywearing consultant and will be starting consultancies in the Bolton area.

1661075_10152229379111742_1097469687_nFiona (Babywearing Peer Supporter) – I have one daughter who is two. When I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to be able to carry her and instinctively felt that the high street carriers where not what I wanted. I never got to a sling meet anywhere but after researching a bit online I purchased a Close Carrier. I found this a great introduction to baby wearing, but I quickly moved onto a beautiful Melkaj Mei Tai. In May 2013 I completed the School of Babywearing Peer Supporter course so that I could help and support Katrina with the library.


1624255_591004804316214_285097708_nRebecca (Sling Library Assistant) – I have a lovely little girl Georgia who is 2 in March. I was given a high st carrier when she was small and loved wearing her as did dad. But it didn’t last very long as the heavier she got the more uncomfortable it became. It took us a while to find out what we liked and suited our needs but thanks to the library we could hire before we bought. I love the closeness we get and Georgia loves it too she has me right there when she needs me. Ive only recently started helping out at one of the groups but hope to train in the near future.

Nestle free zone

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  1. Sarah Jones permalink
    June 18, 2013 20:49


    Just wondering if the Blackburn Sling Meet was still running and when/where you meet?

    I have a 4 month little boy who loves his Moby wrap, would be great to meet other baby-wearing people and ask about other types of sling.

    Sarah x

  2. Kathryn permalink
    November 18, 2013 09:59

    Is the group still on in Darwen on a Friday?

  3. May 28, 2014 15:34

    Hi Katrina, Thank you for contacting us at BwD CVS. Congratulations on your recent incorporation as a CIC. This looks a great project. Not sure we can help on the issue you raised, but we would like to work with you and assist in the development of your service. Hope you might be interested in this. Pls contact me if you are. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Rob Walsh

    • May 28, 2014 16:36

      Hi Rob, thank you very much. I’ve got your email so will send you a message asap.

  4. Annie K permalink
    October 13, 2014 14:28

    Are you selling Storchenweige Inka ring slings? Thanks!

  5. Nina permalink
    March 10, 2015 12:43

    Hi, do you run a sling meeting in Burnley still? If do, when and where?
    I am about to have a newborn and already have a 2year old so would like to see what is out there sling wise. X

    • March 11, 2015 07:09

      Hi Nina,
      Yes we do run a Burnley meet, it’s the first wednesday of the month 11am-12.30pm at Sycamore Farm, the next meet is 01/04/15. We will have a selection of carriers with us but if you wanted something specific you can look through ‘the library’ section on the website which shows you what is available to hire. If you see anything let us know and we’ll bring it along.

  6. Faye permalink
    August 12, 2015 05:58

    Hi i live in great harwood and carry my 3yr old around everywhere but my arms are begining to ache x suggestions?

    • August 18, 2015 21:25

      Can you get to a meet Faye? Woven wraps and ring slings fit all ages and we do have some structured carriers that fit older children. Best thing is to come along and see what works!

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